Bowling Ball and Pins

School Outings

Bowling Field Trips are not only fun and inexpensive but they can also teach sportsmanship, math, health, and other subject areas.

Sportsmanship- Bowling is a team sport where every person is a part of the game, no one sits on the bench. Bowling Etiquette and socials skills are taught which can be used during their life time.

Math- Math can be used through bowling by applying basic math skills like addition, subtraction, mean, median, mode and Algebra. You can even do advance math and find the speed or angles of the ball traveling.

Health- Bowling is considered a physical activity and a stress reliever by providing exercise for all individuals. Bowling also promotes fat burning and muscle building. Approximately a quarter of a mile is walked for every 3 games of bowling.

Bowling is a life time sport that all ages can participate in. We have bumpers available at all times and a certified coach if would like a lesson. We provide equipment for handicap children if needed. Bowling is one of the few activities where weather is not a factor. We also can provide instructional guides for your classroom.